Number of Persons
Average Price

Valle Apartment

Lovely place at the vatican!

Pantheon Apartment

Apartment near Pantheon! Wifi available.

Virgilio Apartment

This apartment is a little Jem, 2 spacious double bed rooms apartment in one of the most elegant building of Rome. the

Saint Angel Apartment

Lovely place at the vatican with balcony!

Sistine Chapel Apartment

Unique Apartment, Real heart of Vatican

Augustus Apartment

Excellent Apartment, Unique Location

Adrian Apartment

Lovely place at the Vatican with balcony!

Giulia Apartment

Silent apartment in the most loved roman street.

Spagna Apartment

Amazing apartment at Spanish Steps: balcony and court yard!

Campo dei Fiori 1 Apartment

Silent apartment at Campo dei Fiori, wifi and air conditioning!

Campo dei Fiori 2 Apartment

View over Campo dei Fiori square, wifi and air conditioning!